MS Office & MS Excel Training

We ensure that our MS Office training course gives you robust office management tools with the right mixture of usability, power, and flexibility, so you can manage your job more efficiently and productively. This course will cover MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Outlook & Project. Learn core and advanced Microsoft Office products through our MS office training classes and improve your skillset to meet the market demand.

Our Advanced Excel training is designed for the students and professionals who wish to groom their professional aspiration through continual skill development. We offer MS Excel course with industry-leading experts to help our candidates to progress in their career. In our excel training, the students will learn basic and advanced features of the spreadsheet tool. It also includes utilizing various functions, for example, Mathematical function, logical function, date and time function, lookup and reference function, text function and data validation. Candidates will get essential knowledge on pivot charts and tables, formulas, import and export of data, integration, and Macros.

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    Key Features

  •   Course Duration - 30 hrs

  •   Career Guidance

  •   100% job oriented training

  •   Customized Syllabus

  •   Live project training

  •   Industries Expert Faculties

  •   Doubt Clarification Session

  •   Free Demo Classes

  •   Completed 250+ Batches

  •   Best Fees Structure

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About MS Office Course


Nearly every office or home use Microsoft Office package to perform several routine tasks such as sketching a letter, making a financial statement, generating a slide show, etc. Microsoft Office is considered as an essential skillset for today’s business professional’s. It includes programs that help you solve problems, answer questions, express ideas, organize data and communicate. Sharpen your skillset and learn tips and tricks that you haven't discovered yet on all Microsoft products, including Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013 and the newest in Microsoft Office 2016 training. MS Office and its applications are the ones which is used by most of the businesses and organizations in this vast world. Admittedly, it requires being appreciated as an incredible invention that was ever made. But, even this sometimes leads to experience at a workplace, if not operated correctly. So, in order to sustain in this technology world, it is extremely needed to gain specialized knowledge in MS Office. There are groups of training solutions feasible which helps to learn directly and cleverly with no strain and pressure.

About MS Excel Course


MS Excel is a powerful data management tool. It also helps to analyze and present valuable data in a graphical form. MS Excel has millions of users and corporate all over the world to keep records of their important data in systematically. Microsoft Excel is facilitated with superior options to analyze the data and create a presentable dashboard. It also helps the management in taking the right decisions.

Why is MOS Certification Essential?

The All-in-One Microsoft Office Suite offers flexible and powerful ways to organize, manage, and present information. Globally used in most of the offices, knowledge of Microsoft Office tools are a must for anyone in today's job market.

Microsoft Office training helps improve work productivity & efficiency with user-friendly features that enable easy and secure data sharing. Microsoft Office training provides resources for professional presentation of information that helps to advance in your career.

Whether you are looking to expand your Microsoft Office skills for personal use, get on on a new job, or working towards career progression, Zuan Education has the Microsoft Office training that you are looking for.

  • MOS course for Finance professionals.
  • MOS course for HR professionals.
  • MOS course for Sales & Marketing professionals.
  • MOS course for Business Management/Operations professionals.
  • MOS course for MIS/PMO professionals.
  • MOS course for IT/ITES professionals.

What will you learn from this MS Office Course?

You will learn about these techniques from our MS Office certification course.

  • How to create, save and open documents.
  • You will learn how to manage page appearance including using columns, indents, footers, borders, and watermarks.
  • Learn how to insert and edit tables.
  • You will learn how to personalize your use of Excel using Excel Options.
  • Learn how to create charts and graphs.
  • You will learn presentation tips for an effective presentation
  • Find out how to insert shapes, graphics, and pictures to your presentation.
  • You will learn time-saving techniques including how to copy slides, and be exporting your presentation

Job Opportunities for the MS Excel

Excel opportunities are evergreen in the market. Nowadays multiple jobs require Advanced Excel skills. Every the Industry needs professionals who can analyze the data and assists in the decision making for the management. Not everyone knows much about Advanced Excel. There is a great demand for the MIS operations that deals with the analysis of data.

Learning MS Excel skills will open doors for MIS role, business analysis role, data analysis role, and many other significant job roles. Big data and data science are the high-level domains in the market with top-grade salaries.

Our MS Excel course is customized for finance and HR professionals. And it will help in budgeting, and financial modeling in turn helps to save a lot of time and cost. It will assist you to manage the finances, track records of workers, representation of data in a tabular or graphical form, payroll records, and various other important tasks.

Who can attend Advanced Excel training?

  • Students
  • Graduates
  • Sales & HR Professionals
  • Business Analysts
  • Finance Professionals
  • Senior Corporate Executives
  • IT Professionals

Why should you take Advanced Excel training?

Here are some valid reasons on why you should learn advanced MS Excel.

  • Learning Excel will help you make complex computations and reporting effortlessly.
  • It is used in every office in the world, thus offers a great scope.
  • MS Excel is a powerful accounting and financial analysis tool that represents valuable data into the graphical form.
  • MS excel function helps in performing complicated and extensive computations accurately.
  • MS Excel will assist you to predict your financial budget and income while building your own business. It will save you an abundance of money.
  • Our MS Excel training for sales and marketing professionals will support their data related tasks seamlessly.
  • This MS Excel course for HR Professionals has been customized by industry leading experts with real-time data and dashboards.

What will you learn from our Excel Training?

By the completion of our MS Excel Training, you will be able to:

  • Work with advanced formulas and functions. Use right formulas for the given scenario.
  • Manage Excel related situations more maturely.
  • Present Data with a better interpretation.
  • Write Complex Formulae with ease.
  • Learn patterns and trends with conditional formatting, sparklines, and charts.
  • Learn to save and run macros; figure out dates using formulas and work faster with keyboard shortcuts.

MS Office Course Syllabus

  •   Getting started with Word

  •   Creating, Opening & Saving documents

  •   Text basics & formatting text

  •   Using Find & replace

  •   Indents & Tabs

  •   Printing layout & printing documents

  •   Breaks & Columns

  •   Headers & Footers

  •   Pictures & text wrapping

  •   Fomatting pictures

  •   Aligning, ordering & grouping

  •   Tables & charts

  •   Checking spelling & grammer

  •   Track changes & comments

  •   Inspecting & protecting documents

  •   Create a document

  •   Navigate through a document

  •   Format a document

  •   Customise options and views for documents

  •   Print and save documents

  •   Insert text and paragraphs

  •   Format text and paragraphs

  •   Order and group text and paragraphs

  •   Create a table

  •   Modify a table

  •   Create and modify a list

  •   Manage documents and templates

  •   Prepare documents for review

  •   Manage document changes

  •   Perform advanced editing and formatting

  •   Create styles

  •   Create and manage indexes

  •   Create and manage references

  •   Manage forms, fields and Mail Merge operations

  •   Create and modify building blocks, macros and controls

  •   Create custom style sets and templates

  •   Prepare a document for internationalisation and accessibility

MS Excel Course Syllabus

  •   A overview of the screen, navigation and basic spreadsheet concepts

  •   Understanding workbooks, worksheets, rows, columns, cells

  •   Various selection techniques

  •   Entering, Editing and Deleting Text, Numbers, Dates

  •   Using Auto Lists

  •   Moving and Copying data

  •   Using navigation techniques

  •   Using Workbook Views

  •   Selecting and Switching Between Worksheets

  •   Understanding & working rows, columns and worksheets

  •   Concept of Formulae

  •   Creating Formulae, Editing Formulae

  •   Bodmas : Mathematical Order

  •   Formatting Cells with Number formats, Font formats, Alignment, Borders, etc

  •   Basic conditional formatting

  •   Working with Styles

  •   Create worksheets and workbooks

  •   Navigate in worksheets and workbooks

  •   Format worksheets and workbooks

  •   Customise options and views for worksheets and workbooks

  •   Configure worksheets and workbooks for distribution

  •   Insert data in cells and ranges

  •   Format cells and ranges

  •   Summarise and organise data

  •   Using different filtering techniques

  •   Create and manage tables

  •   Manage table styles and options

  •   Filter and sort a table

  •   Advanced paste special techniques

  •   Summarise data by using functions

  •   Perform conditional operations by using functions

  •   Logical functions

  •   Math functions

  •   Lookup functions

  •   Date & Time functions

  •   Create charts

  •   Format graphic elements

  •   Insert and format objects

  •   Manage workbooks

  •   Manage workbook review

  •   Apply custom data formats and validation

  •   Apply advanced conditional formatting and filtering

  •   Create and modify custom workbook elements

  •   Different levels of protection

  •   Setting permission & track changes

  •   Prepare a workbook for internationalisation

  •   Apply mathematical functions in formulas

  •   Look up data by using functions

  •   Advanced logical & text functions

  •   Apply advanced date and time functions

  •   Perform data analysis and business intelligence

  •   Troubleshoot formulas using error handling functions

  •   Define named ranges and objects

  •   Create advanced charts

  •   Create and manage PivotTables

  •   Create and manage PivotCharts

  •   Bar Charts / Pie Charts / Line Charts

  •   Planning a Dashboard

  •   Adding Tables to Dashboard

  •   Adding Charts to Dashboard

  •   Adding Dynamic Contents to Dashboard

W3 Schools
Khamar Technologies

  •   Any graduate with computer background.

  •   Candidates should have a basicknownledge in HTML,CSS,JS concepts.

  •   Basic website knowledge

  •   Freshers

  •   Students

  •   Mobile Application Developers

  •   Web Developers

  •   IT Professionals

  •   Well-Structured and Industry-Relevant Course Curriculum

  •   Experienced and Dedicated Faculty Members

  •   Exposure to Live Projects from Day One

  •   Periodic Evaluation and Feedback

  •   Placement Assistance on Successful Completion

  •   30 Days with Flexible Timing

  •   2 Hours/Day for Weekdays Batch

  •   4 Hours/Day for Weekend Batch

  •   Live Instructor-led Online Training also available via Skype and Teamviewer

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  •   Anyone who has the interest to learn MS Office shall join this microsoft office training course. The In-Person training venue, domain specific curriculum and other strategic initiatives comprise the core of our training philosophy and connect our students to their successful career.

  •   Microsoft Office is one of the most generally utilized suites of productivity tools in the business world. In fact, it's so necessary that understanding it is an essential to obtaining employment at some companies. Given its prevalence in the corporate world, getting to be Microsoft Office certification is one way you can stand out from the crowd and determine your level of proficiency.

  •   In our MS Office online training, the classes will be taken by Skype. So you need to have a computer or laptop, uninterrupted internet connection, Skype ID and Teamviewer software.

  •   Yes, you can attend a demo class through an in-session training class. This will give you a clear picture of how the classes are conducted, teaching quality by lecturers and the level of interactiveness in the classroom.

  •   Yes, we offer MS Office course in Chennai with placement assistance. We offer all possible assistance to get you placed.

  •   We are one of the best MS Office training institutes in Chennai. Our trainers are experienced professionals having more than 8 years of experience in the industry. They are subject matter specialists and are trained by IT Coordinates for providing an excellent learning experience. So, you will gain real-time working experience in all kinds of the MS Office techniques.

  •   We are Chennai based MS Office training institute located in Mylapore.