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Hadoop Administration - HDFS,MapReduce,YARN,High Availability,Backup, Recovery and Maintenance

Hadoop Administrator Training in Chennai

Hadoop Administration training for System Administrators is designed for technical operations personnel whose job is to install and maintain production Hadoop clusters in real world. We will cover Hadoop architecture and its components, installation process, monitoring and troubleshooting of the complex Hadoop issues.

Apache Hadoop is one of the most popular and widely used framework for Bigdata Analytics. Most of the Fortune 500 companies have full implemented and functional hadoop cluster. Hadoop administration training is focused towards administration of a cluster including setup, maintenance and decommisioning.


Hadoop Administrator

In the Hadoop world, a Systems Administrator is called a Hadoop Administrator. Hadoop Admin Roles and Responsibilities include setting up Hadoop clusters. Other duties involve backup, recovery and maintenance. Hadoop administration requires good knowledge of hardware systems and excellent understanding of Hadoop architecture.

Hadoop Admin Roles and Responsibilities

The listing of Hadoop admin jobs on popular job portals like Dice.com, Glassdoor.com, and Monster.com define Hadoop Admin Roles and Responsibilities as follows –

  • Hadoop administration includes ongoing administration of the Hadoop infrastructure.
  • Keeping a track of Hadoop Cluster connectivity and security
  • Capacity planning and screening of Hadoop cluster job performances.
  • HDFS maintenance and support
  • Setting up new Hadoop users.

Skills Required

  • Strong scripting skills in Linux environment
  • Hands on experience in Oozie, HCatalog, Hive
  • Knowledge of HBase for efficient Hadoop administration

Key Features

3 Projects with 6 Unique Data Sets Included


Free Ebooks,Video Material and Software given in the end of the class

Course Curriculum

Introduction to BigData, Hadoop (HDFS and MapReduce)

BigData Inroduction
Hadoop Introduction
HDFS Introduction
MapReduce Introduction

Lesson 1: Hadoop Architecture and Cluster setup

Hadoop server roles and their usage
Rack Awareness
Anatomy of Write and Read
Replication Pipeline
Data Processing
Hadoop Installation and Initial Configuration
Deploying Hadoop in pseudo-distributed mode
deploying a multi-node Hadoop cluster
Installing Hadoop Clients

Lesson 2: Hadoop 2.0 and High Availability

Configuring Secondary NameNode
Hadoop 2.0
YARN framework
Hadoop 2.0 Cluster setup
Deploying Hadoop 2.0 in pseudo-distributed mode
deploying a multi-node Hadoop 2.0 cluster.

Lesson 3: Backup, Recovery and Maintenance

Configure Rack awareness
Setting up Hadoop Backup
whitelist and blacklist data nodes in a cluster
setup quota's, upgrade Hadoop cluster
copy data across clusters using distcp
Diagnostics and Recovery
Cluster Maintenance.

Lesson 4: AWS

Aamazon public cloud intro
create virtual ubuntu,windows server

Required skill set:

Generics of Linux/Windows administration.

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