.Net Training

ITCoordinates provides the .Net training in Chennai. Our .Net course trainers are IT specialists with 7+ years of real-time experience in software development industry. So, you will get best .net training from qualified professionals.

.Net language is more secure and Portable than other programming languages. Hence .Net language based software works just about everywhere from the smallest devices to super computers!. .Net is ruling most of the software industries, and therefore a lot of web applications are developing every day. There is a huge demand for .Net developers to build new apps as well as to maintain the old applications developed in .Net.

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    Key Features

  •   Course Duration - 30 hrs

  •   Career Guidance

  •   100% job oriented training

  •   Customized Syllabus

  •   Live project training

  •   Industries Expert Faculties

  •   Doubt Clarification Session

  •   Free Demo Classes

  •   Completed 250+ Batches

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About .Net Course

.net Training

Our .Net Course Syllabus is intended to master your skills in .net programming for creating applications. This core .net training teaches you all the concepts in depth and all essential technologies available in .net. We also provide practical .net classes with live projects. In our .net courses, you will learn practical oriented training pointing real-world problems that support students to reach enterprise exposure and confidence to work with any job requirements.

Scope Of .Net

    Everybody must accept the fact that the .net is outstanding amongst other things happened in the IT industry. Since .net is platform independent, many users prefer to work with .net and consider it as a user-friendly platform. Presently .net is the most wanted coding language in the entire IT sector and even among developers.

    And the other important point is that .net field is one among the highest paid jobs in the IT sector. If you have proper technical knowledge with a valid .net certification from any of the well-presumed institution, you can get a great job in this field. .net developers will have an excellent package, and they get a superb pay once they get succeeded in their first project. Therefore, many people move towards taking .net courses in Chennai from ITCoordinates.

Who should take this .net programming course?

  • Those who desire to build their career in .net

  • Best tools and Plugins to use explicitly.

  • Basics right from setting up web hosting and installing WordPress.

  • Building and operating your own Wordpress Themes.

  • The Conceptual Framework of the WordPress.

  • Discovering the Building Blocks of a WordPress Site.

  • Quick tips to develop on E-commerce site efficiently.

What will you learn from this .net programming training?

  • You will gain strong coding skills in .net

  • You will learn advanced concepts of .net Threading and Multithreading

  • In advanced .net course, you will understand the FILE IO techniques and Advanced JDBC

  • You will enhance the knowledge to use JDK technology to build .net applications.

  • You will learn how to implement .net application to combine with databases

  • You will understand client-server interaction via sockets.

  • You will learn how to use the collection to store and manipulate data

Why do you choose us?

  • Effective .net developer training by qualified IT experts with 7+ years of real-time experience in software Industry.

  • A Study by working on real-time .net projects.

  • Interactive .net certification training sessions let the entire relationship between the trainer and the learner.

  • Flexible Timings – Weekdays and Weekends.

  • Tips and analysis to build your technical interview skills.

This unique approach makes us the best .net training institutes in Chennai.

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Course Syllabus:

  •   Benefits of Oop Programming

  •   Visibility mode of oops

  •   Oops Definition

  •   Application of Oop

  •   History of .net

  •   .net versions

  •   DLL File

  •   Interoperability

  •   Managed and UnManaged code

  •   Platform dependent and Independent

  •   Class, namespaces,Assemblies in .net

  •   .net Architecture

  •   Compiling and Running .net Programs in c#

  •   Call by value and Call by reference in c#

  •   Comments in a Program

  •   Command Line Argument

  •   Type conversions

  •   Tokens

  •   Alphabets

  •   Identifiers

  •   Constants

  •   Type Casting

  •   Types of Variables

  •   Nullable variables

  •   Dynamic initialization of variables

  •   Static and Dynamic initialization

  •   Arithmetic Operators

  •   Bitwise operators

  •   Relational Operators

  •   Boolean Logical Operators

  •   Assignment Operators

  •   Operator Precedence

  •   .net's Selection Statements

  •   Iteration statements

  •   Jump statements

  •   Nested Classes

  •   Non-static Nested Class

  •   Static Nested Class.

  •   Looping Statements

  •   Types of Array

  •   Programs Related to Arrays

  •   Copy Constructor

  •   Constructor Overloading

  •   Destructor

  •   Declaring a Class

  •   Rules for Naming Class

  •   Creating an Object

  •   Methods

  •   Exploring New Operators

  •   Constructors.

  •   With Argument , with return type

  •   Without Argument , with return type

  •   Without Argument , Without return type

  •   With Argument , without return type

  •   what is Default Constructor?

  •   What is Parameterized Constructor?

  •   Function Implicitly and Explicitly

  •   Exploring Methods

  •   Methods

  •   Argument Passing

  •   Call by Reference

  •   Finalize() Method

  •   Types of Inheritance

  •   Using Super Keyword

  •   Creating Multilevel Hierachy

  •   Method overriding

  •   Dynamic Method Dispatch

  •   Using Final With Inheritance

  •   Object Class

  •   Abstract Class

  •   Static Class

  •   Use of Static Class

  •   Difference between Abstract and an Inheritance

  •   Create a Package

  •   User Defined Packages

  •   Pre-Defined Packages

  •   Class Member Access Protection

  •   Class Path

  •   Creating an Interface (using, extending).

  •   Syntax for Exception Handling Mechanism

  •   Try, Catch, Multiple Catch Block

  •   Checked and un checked exceptions

  •   Catch Block (or) Multiple Catch

  •   Throw

  •   Finally Block, User Defined Exceptions

  •   Introduction

  •   Tools used in asp.net

  •   Passing Parameters in asp.net

  •   Sessions

  •   Web Designing in asp.net

  •   Product Development in asp.net using c#

  •   Current trends latest topics covered in asp.net

  •   Introduction about Sql Server 2008

  •   Database, Files, Records

  •   Database Queries

  •   Database Connection in Sql Server

  •   Front-end and Back-end Connection

  •   Any graduate with computer background.

  •   Candidates should have some basic knowledge of c and c++ programming.

  •   Candidates should have a basic understanding of OOPs as well as sql queries.

  •   Freshers

  •   IT Professionals

  •   Software Developers

  •   Freelancers

  •   Bloggers

  •   Digital Marketing Professionals

  •   Well-Structured and Industry-Relevant Course Curriculum

  •   Experienced and Dedicated Faculty Members

  •   Exposure to Live Projects from Day One

  •   Periodic Evaluation and Feedback

  •   Placement Assistance on Successful Completion

  •   90 Days with Flexible Timing

  •   2 Hours/Day for Weekdays Batch

  •   4 Hours/Day for Weekend Batch

  •   Live Instructor-led Online Training also available via Skype and Teamviewer

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  •   The Beginners who have interests in building web applications and who desires to create a career in .net may attend this .net development training.

  •  Our A .net Developer is responsible for developing and implementing basic .net applications to establish large-scale .net requirements. They build and manage a high-traffic server-side application, or develop mobile apps. Moreover, they resolve technical issues through debugging, research, and analysis.

  •   Our Institute faculties are industry experts and well experienced. Before taking .net programming classes, they get into precise training. Our instructors will share their knowledge and encourage students for hands-on learning

  •   Yes, of course! You can discuss with our trainers and get your doubts cleared completely.

  •   .net training classes allow you to build your website, applications practicing .net programming language. Our .net programming courses include all the lessons and essential concepts to become an expert in .net programming.

  •   Yes, we will provide a certificate after completing the .net Training Course.

  •   You can make a call to +91-9940172669   or reach us at   info@itcoordinates.com   or fill the inquiry form.